Sept bookadayUK day 12 & 13

12th: Favourite Austen character (Austen Festival)



I have never read an Austen book and I feel like picking a character from a movie wouldn't be the same.


Please don't unfollow me! We all have character flaws,  some just more severe than others. 


Ok, I'm glad we can move past that. So, moving on, Day 13


13th: Favourite Roald Dahl character (Roald Dahl Day)


I swear I feel like a 12 year old from some of my posts, but I'm kinda in love with my childlike imagination. Adults can be so ... old sometimes ;)


I love me some Dahl. I was gonna go James and the Giant Peach on you, but after further thought, I decided Grandpa Joe from



He was always the great advocate and defender of Charlie. I wouldn't mind having someone like Grandpa Joe in my corner.