(reblog, all day long. avoid these bba's) Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! (Do Not Want!)

Amber House - Kelly  Moore Neverwas - Kelly  Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed

I don't think there's anything on the checklist of what not to do as an author that these ladies skipped.  Well... presumably they've had their books edited, as they've been picked up by one of the big six.  But other than that, they've done it all.


Corrected and argued with readers.

Blogged about readers (misrepresenting the situation while they were at it).

Harassed readers.

Reported readers and flagged their reviews.


Used past trauma to excuse current behavior.

Complained about how the kerfuffle is damaging their career.

Tried to convince readers to change their ratings.


Of course, they haven't done anything which might actually do some damage control.  Such as simply shutting up about the whole thing.  Or telling the truth.  Or admitting they should never have started this.  Instead, I guess they think it's more productive to hound readers about how unfair it is to one-star their books.  Everyone knows that always works!


Honestly, I haven't seen anyone so intent on ruining their own careers since Lauren Pippa imagined that shelf names were attacking her.