Day 10 - A Book That Reminds You Of Home



I've been dreading this since yesterday, when I saw others posts. All cute and cuddly. A book that reminds me of home, makes me think I should have some "happy place" book to fall back on. I have no such. Nor does the thought of home...sorry tmi... my first thought was:



but I've never actually read Carrie (note to self, read Carrie). So ASSuming here, I'm supposed to be listing some warm & fuzzy book, this is what I bring to the table:



I have no idea why I read this. I must have read good things on a bloggers post I follow because I never would have picked this up on my own. I loved this. It's innocence, the character's, their awakwardness, just everyting. Also, I love the cover and I super love the title!! (although I think it changed from it's original form). This book definately brough the warm and fuzzy and I was left smiling for days after. That's a home I wouldn't mind remembering.