(reblog from the fabulous Nenia) HORRORSCAPE OMNIBUS!!!!!

To celebrate FEARSCAPE's (almost) 1k ratings on Goodreads, I made an omnibus edition of the Horrorscape series called DEADLY GAMES.


For this week only, you can get the entire trilogy for $1.99...


...on Smashwords


...on Amazon


Please spread the word! The promotional sale is for this week only, and then the price of the omnibus goes back up to $6.99 (which is still cheaper than buying all the books individually, but it sure ain't the same as $1.99!).


Also, Terrorscape is back up on Amazon. YAY!


It has a slightly new cover. *wiggles eyebrows*


You can get it here for the same old price of $3.50, but I recommend getting the omnibus. WHILE THE PRICE LASTS.