2013 Favorites (cause it looked like fun)

This re-read was like one of my fav things of 2013 for sure!!!


 not a favorite of the series, but a favorite series non-the-less


 another re-read...was suppose to be in anticipation for World After, but still haven't read that yet...oops


 this was a treat, I really enjoyed it. Creepy ass cover.

 u like mind fucks? Well here is your book.


 I love this series, judge me all you want. It's a guilty pleasure and I am allowed!!!



 I had never read this. What a treat. Still haven't seen the movie :/


 I read this series back to back. If you have not read the Kate Daniels series, do it, DO IT NOW!!!


 Totally outside my normal read, what a great book!


 Please read this and explain to me WHAT THE FUCK!!! But in a good way.


 Reviews for this were all over the place. Hey, I liked it.



 Most like FAVORITE book of the year!!! Quintana FTW!


 Anthing Karina Halle is a must! These were creepfastic!



 Heartbreaking! God what a great book!


 Had no idea what I was walking into with this, what a pleasant surprise.


 Fuck me please, no seriously...literally, please...


no pic, but I re-read the whole Karina Halle Experiment in Terror Series this year (x 2), you should too!


   ha! I've been waiting to use this gif forever :))


fuck I'm only in Feb!


 I really enjoyed this take on Alice. I'm totally going to continue the series.


 & on the subject of fairtale retells. This series is a must. Cannot wait for Cress.


 Again, sometimes u step in poo and it smells like roses.


 Still not sure how I felt to the ending of this trilogy, but I did quite enjoy the ride.


 F U nay sayers! Man I loved this book and the movie (which I watched after of course).

 totally out of my genre, but sometimes it is nice to flounce outside your box


 <--- just kidding. FUCK THIS BOOK. Don't ever read this book. What a piece of shit!!! oops I read this one in Dec 2012. My bad.