You don’t care I started a new group? Whaaa?

Okay, most of you won’t (and that’s okay), but if there are a couple other like-minded
peeps out there, I created a group dedicated to author Karina Halle (Experiment
in Terror series, The Artist Trilogy, amongst others).


Now, why would I do this? Am I some crazy, obsessed fan girl of Ms. Halle’s? No, well not too much. But I love ALL her books. That’s right all. Her characters just get to me in
that way where they don’t let go and I need more. And she pops these books out
so fast there’s hardly any in-between time. Karina Halle’s books are my fix!



Okay, moving on, join group – talk books. Even if you’re not the biggest fan or if you don’t have all happy go lucky things to say. I hope you don’t, where’s the fun in that? I added a rule of haters need not apply (this just means be respectful of different opinions), but that does not at all mean if you did not like a book, or question things or just plain want to rant – we don’t want you. WE WANT YOU TOO! Some of my most loved reviews are by bloggers who disliked a book. I usually snort milk out my nose reading them. But I still hope you love them all as much as I do.