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The First 2 Minutes of the Mid-Season Premiere: The Walking Dead ...

Jan 24th National Readathon Day


I know everyday is national readathon day for book lovers, but we can still raise awareness for the lost



Read a book, or two!



Go to your TBR shelves, oldest shelved and pick. Or walk over to your bookshelves, close your eyes and point...



Breathe in your old friend, or new



Go on a walk, have a picnic with your book!



Become so immersed in the pages



That the outside world fades away. Don't be afraid of what's on the other side...



Don't forget



So grab a book, and let's get back to our first love ♡



Take #timetoread #shelfawareness


the reading net




I need this in my life

Reading progress update: I've read 124 out of 382 pages.

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

“Ah.” He smiles. “Well, you did. You did. House Minerva for brains might be right for you.



Sometimes your mornings don't go as planned, and you just need to go with it and enjoy the hidden blessing within the moment




Guess what I am doing this morning? 


Reading progress update: I've read 85 out of 382 pages.

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

"So we will have to make your skeleton six times stronger; you must be of iron if you want to last the Institute. This will be fun! For me. Not you.” Mickey carves me again. The agony is beyond language or comprehension."


I instantly thought of this





I just discovered #bookandface. My son was my guinea pig for my first one. Ahaha. This is going to be loads of fun times

Jan #hello2015bookchallenge Day 9

join us



Sure, you're thinking, I really cannot keep up with another social network, but I counter that with, this will only enhance the book loving community we so enjoy. 

Comment your @username so I can find u.



hey booklikes!

Your snowman is old!


Happy Birthday! Norman Reedus Turns 46 Years Old Today!










You're welcome.

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Red Rising
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Progress: 124/382 pages